Successfull cave cleanup campaign near Varaždin

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Members of the Speleological Association “Kraševski zviri” from Ivanec, acting within the Clean Underground initiative, have cleaned the Berajter cave from the waste and partly cleansed the St. Josip pit in the Municipality of Bednja. The action was financially supported by the Municipality.

Berajter’s cave was cleaned of large and construction waste such as OSB boards, drainage pipes, wooden basket rods, old water heater, window glass, glass bottles, various wires, plastic canisters and various small waste. At the entrance of Berajter’s cave, a red plate marked was fixed which indicates a cleaned speleological object.

From the pit of Sv. Joseph wastes was collected in four large black garbage bags. Most of it consisted of children’s diapers, plastic bottles of up to 15 years old, various bowls etc. During the cleaning, deeper parts of the pits were discovered, of course also contaminated. The remaining amount of waste in the pit of Sv. Joseph is difficult to estimate because of the combination of waste and organic material (sediment, leaves, etc.). The red plate will be fixed at the entrance of the pit when all the remaining waste is cleaned.

Datum objave: Friday October 19th, 2018 I Autor: Vinka Dubovecak

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