Cleanup campaign announced in Bednja!

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Under the Clean Ground Underground initiative, members of the Speleological Association “Kraševski zviri” from Ivanac on Saturday, October 6, organize a campaign to clean the waste from two speleological objects in the ​​Bednja municipality. The locations are St. Joseph pit and Berajter’s cave.


Berajter’s cave has only recently been recorded as contaminated and added to the Clean Underground website – a small pit along the road at the village of Cvetlin. It has two entrances, and in the cave small amount of large and construction waste was dumped. It should be relatively easy to clean up. Sv. Joseph pit is located at the foot of the hill (of the same name) in Bednja. It is a small-sized object, polluted by a few cubic meters of waste that covers the entire bottom and possibly blocks passage into deeper parts of the pit.


The cleaning operation will be sponsored by the Municipality of Bednja, and members of the SU “Kraševski zviri” and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service will participate in the cleaning. For more information and the application for participation in the cleaning action, please contact:

Datum objave: Thursday October 4th, 2018 I Autor: Ruđer Novak

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