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(Hrvatski) Profesori šokirani zagađenjem podzemlja

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(Hrvatski) Veliko proširenje baze onečišćenih špilja i jama

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(Hrvatski) Bebina kakica – još jedna spašena jama

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(Hrvatski) Nastavak čišćenja “Bebine kakice”

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(Hrvatski) Biospeleolozi prijavili četiri nove onečišćene jame

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Successfull cave cleanup campaign near Varaždin

Members of the Speleological Association “Kraševski zviri” from Ivanec, acting within the Clean Underground initiative, have cleaned the Berajter cave from the waste and partly cleansed the St. Josip pit in the Municipality of ... I

Cavers from Karlovac reporetd another dirty pit near Brinje!

Speleologists from the Karlovac Speleological Club Ursus spelaeus (the name of the association is Cave Bear in latin) reported another highly endangered cave near Žuta Lokva. The name is Špilja u Gornjem lugu, and the entrance is in a depression ... I

Cleanup campaign announced in Bednja!

Under the Clean Ground Underground initiative, members of the Speleological Association “Kraševski zviri” from Ivanac on Saturday, October 6, organize a campaign to clean the waste from two speleological objects in the ​​Bednja ... I

Active sinkhole added to the database!

Ponor na Grginom bregu is the third deepest object in the wider area of ​​Kalanjeva ruja. The whole area is a sloping area of ​​surface flows from the surrounding hills. Ponor na Grginom bregu is one of the large sinkholes of this area, which is ... I

New polluted location – Pit Mramor

Cavers from the SO PDS Velebit have reported a new contaminated object to our database. Pit Mramor is located near Brinje, on the western slopes of Škamnica mountain. It is interesting to note that in 2010 there was no waste in the shaft, but ... I

New Clean underground website released

Dear friends, the new Clean Underground website is finally before you. For the past three years, I’ve been hoping to say this, but in such a project there are always unplanned circumstances… The idea was born at the ... I

European speleological federation award!

We are pleased to announce that the Clean Underground Initiative has received another major international award. The European Commission for Cave Protection at the European Speleological Federation (FSE) recognized the quality of our work and ... I

Clean underground on the Environmental health congress

Clean underground project participated with a talk on the 2nd Environmental health congress at the School of medicine, University of Rijeka. I

Pit near Bosiljevo cleaned from waste

A polluted pit in the County Bosiljevo was partly cleaned from waste in another volunteer cleanup campaign organized by the Clean underground project. New unexplored chambers and siphons were discovered when the waste was removed. I

(Hrvatski) AKCIJA ČIŠĆENJA 5. i 6. svibnja – drugi poziv

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